Royston vs Stevenage Storm Cyclones

29/11/18 Herts Indoor Netball League – Royston 38-24 Cyclones

The first 10 minutes saw Royston leading 11-6 thanks to some amazing turnovers with strong defense from Chloe, Megan and Aalana. Turnovers in defense saw quick drives into centre court from Sophie and Ness with great placement with the balls into the circle to Lillie and Rachel.  Royston ended the first quarter 2 goals ahead of Cyclones. Slow start into the second quarter with Cyclones catching up fast, however Royston took control taking into consideration the training session from Wednesday nights where we all got in front of our players, getting some good balls and flies Which saw Royston fly ahead to a great win of 38-24. Well to Pom Lillie Worsey, support from Mark and Laura and thank you to Steph for umpiring.

Squad:  C. Cambridge,  R. Jelley, S. Jelley, V. Shepherd, M. Webb, A. Witt, L. Worsey

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